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CORINNA CORTES corinna@neural.att.com VLADIMIR VAPNIK vlad@neural.att.com AT&T Bell Labs., Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA Editor: Lorenza Saitta


The support-vector network is a new learning machine for two-group classification problems. The machine conceptually implements the following idea: input vectors are non-linearly mapped to a very highdimension feature space. In this feature space a linear decision surface is constructed. Special properties of the decision surface ensures high generalization ability of the learning machine. The idea behind the support-vector network was previously implemented for the restricted case where the training data can be separated without errors. We here extend this result to non-separable training data. High generalization ability of support-vector networks utilizing polynomial input transformations is demonstrated. We also compare the performance of the support-vector network to various classical learning algorithms that all took part in a benchmark study of Optical Character Recognition.

Keywords: pattern recognition, efficient learning algorithms, neural networks, radial basis function classifiers, polynomial classifiers.

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