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Taejin Park and Taejin Lee Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Republic of Korea


A new musical instrument classification method using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) is presented in this paper. Unlike the traditional methods, we investigated a scheme for classifying musical instruments using the learned features from CNNs. To create the learned features from CNNs, we not only used a conventional spectrogram image, but also proposed multiresolution recurrence plots (MRPs) that contain the phase information of a raw input signal. Consequently, we fed the characteristic timbre of the particular instrument into a neural network, which cannot be extracted using a phase-blinded representations such as a spectrogram. By combining our proposed MRPs and spectrogram images with a multi-column network, the performance of our proposed classifier system improves over a system that uses only a spectrogram. Furthermore, the proposed classifier also outperforms the baseline result from traditional handcrafted features and classifiers.

Index Terms — Convolutional Neural Networks, Multiresolution Recurrence Plots, Musical instrument classification, Music information retrieval

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